How it works

1. Sign up for free


go to



Get the Bicipalma app and register via smartphone

2. Rent & Return

Quick. Simple. Flexible.



Scan the QR code or enter the bike number.

The lock is automatically opened, so you should not rent a bike far away from it.



You can park your bike without stopping the rental. Activate the park mode in your app and close the lock afterwards.

Simply press "Resume rental" in your app to continue your ride.

The lock automatically opened, so you should not deactivate the park mode far away from the bike.



Return your bike at any official Bicipalma station. Follow the next steps:

1. Return the bike at the dock
2. Wait some seconds to allow the dock to identify the bike, then close the lock pressing dows the lever
3. Refresh your app to make sure the rental has been stopped. Also check it pulling the bike.

Check the map for information about stations near you.


You can sign up with nextbike via the website or app. For assisted registration via hotline see Registration Channels.

The registration is free of charge. You have to add a valid means of payment to activate your account.

Payment with credit card or Paypal*.

Service fees

Returning bikes outside official stations within Palma is not allowed. A service fee of min. 150 € will apply. 

If the bike is not docked properly and you see that your rental shifts to Parking mode, the time of your rental continues going on. You should take into account that this could have a cost for the user.

Is you have some problem when your returning, please contact us opening a ticket with the APP or calling us at the phone 900 701 004.

In individual cases, Bicipalma reserves the right to charge a service fee corresponding to the actual expense incurred.

Get the Bicipalma app

Get the Bicipalma app

Get the Bicipalma app